Automatic chicken feeder contest

Homemade chicken feederWe’ve had at least half a
dozen requests for an automatic chicken feeder in the last month. 
While I wish I could say we’ve solved the feed problem like
we solved the water problem, I can’t.  But maybe
you can?

How to enter:

Send in your photo(s)
and description for a chance to win your choice of a
10 pack
DIY kit
or 3 premade

Either email your entry to (one photo per email, please
— multiple emails are fine) or
it on our facebook page
by midnight on November
16.  We’ll choose one winner to receive the grand prize, and
several more honorable mentions to be showcased on our website.

What we’re looking for:

We’re interested in fun
photos and ingenious feeders.  If you’ve bought a commercial
automatic feeder, feel free to enter with your review of their design,
and if you’ve made your own we’d like to see that too.  Our
readers love to hear specifics about dollar amounts and time costs, as
well as anything you wish you’d done differently.  Most of all,
we’re looking for an automatic feeder that solves the problem of
spilled feed, stolen feed, and spoiled feed.

The fine print:
All photos and text entered in our contest become the property of
Anna Hess and
Mark Hamilton.  We don’t care if you use them for other things; we
just want the right to put them up on our website and perhaps share
them with future readers in ebook and CD form.

I look forward to seeing
your feeder in action!

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