Adjustable chick waterer

Homemade chicken waterer adjusts using pegboard

Chicken tractor with nipple watererI
love the ingenuity of Julie’s adjustable chick waterer, seen
above and described below:

introduced my Light Brahma chicks to the water nipple drinking
in their brooder box when they were 3 weeks old.  My
husband devised the pegboard system to raise the pipe up as they
grew.  He used a zip tie to hold the peg bracket on the

The chicks are now 6 weeks old and have moved into the newly
constructed Chicken
and they are choosing the nipple waterer over the
traditional waterer.  I am weaning them off the waterers and
installing the PVC system into the run but won’t get it done in time to
meet the photo contest deadline.  Next year!

In addition to enjoying
the great solution for watering growing chicks, I like seeing that
Julie’s chickens have plenty of greenery in their tractor.  I
often see folks make tractors too heavy to move easily, with the result
that the chicken tractor quickly becomes a bare earth chicken
run.  Great job, Julie!

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