Treadle chicken feeder

In the world of chicken
feeders, the treadle feeder seems to be the
most innovative solution.  These feeders keep your laying pellets
inside a closed container, so rats, sparrows, and water can’t get
in.  When a chicken wants to eat, she just jumps up on the lever,
which automatically opens the door and lets her dine at her leisure.

Grandpa’s Feeders are the
best online version I stumbled across, and I’ve heard multiple
chicken-keepers sing their praises.  The feeders are expensive
($210 once you add in shipping), but the quality looks top-notch. 
Carpenter Shop
has a
cheaper version ($65 plus shipping), although
it looks like you have to jump through a lot of hoops to order one

Treadle chicken feederOr you can make your
own!  Designs abound on the internet —
check out
one by Backyard Chickens
to start, this
one in Grit,
or this elegant one
from Woodworking Corner

Have you built your own
treadle feeder?  Did you have trouble
training your flock to hop on the lever?  I’m very interested to
hear from anyone who’s given one of these designs a try.

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