You go all out with your instructions

Chickens in a coopI received your package of 3
homemade chicken
waterer kit
plus the
video CD.

You go all out with your
instructions!! Great job. Looks great.

I’ll be building a
chicken tractor and small hen house in the spring. I kept up to 3 dozen
hens for over 10 years but age and health forced me to cut back 2 years
ago. Last winter I had 6 hens but I let them go mid summer too.

Addicted. Just can’t
stand store bought eggs. I have plans (in my head) for a 6×8 foot
insulated and heated house to hold 3 hens for my own use. I like giving
them lots of room.

I’ll put a pair of
wheels on it to drag it around on the grass along with a detatched
chicken tractor. In the winter I bring it down from my field to behind
the house.

I like the idea of clean

— Jim

We love hearing from
folks like Jim who are willing to get back into chickens because our
waterers make the care so simple.  Good luck with your new flock,

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