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Guinea keet waterer

Duck watererRemember Heath’s
video of his guinea keats drinking
?  He took some stunning
still shots that won first prize in our “Chicks, peacocks, and more”
category of the
.  It
was hard to decide which we liked best, but we finally settled on the
image at the top of this post, with the photo to the left of his
ducklings and the one below of his keets as close followers.

Guinea keets

Chick watererSecond prize went to Soosan
Kirbawy for this adorable image of a mother hen with her chicks. 
Soosan wrote:

“I had no expectation that my chicks would
figure this out!  But I’m thrilled, because ‘mom’ kept scratching
dirt etc. into the low chick waterer. Thanks!”

We agree, Tara — using
chicken waterer makes chick
care much more worry-free.  We’ve also had reports from customers
who use our waterers with turkeys, geese, quail, and pigeons.  I’d be curious to hear
from readers who have tried out other birds with good results.

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