Training cats to not eat chicks

training cats to not eat chicks

We like to let our new born
chicks forage as soon as they can.

Sometimes one of our two cats
gets interested in the small furry creatures and does something that
looks like stalking.

Strider is the cute cat in
the picture above, and we’ve only had to raise our voice a few times to
get him to leave the chicks alone. I don’t think it would be accurate
to label that “training” because Strider just accepts orders like
they’re fact.

Huckleberry is a meatball?

Huckleberry on the other hand is one of those
independent cats that ignores even the most simple request.

My recent conclusion is that
training cats is an illusion. They either want to help or please you
like Strider or act “Too cool for school” like our Huckleberry.

We’ve never lost any poultry
to a cat attack, which might be because our cats balance out each other
so well?

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