Stacking chickens and mushrooms

Chickens and mushrooms

Stacking is a
permaculture principle that refers to using a single space for more
than one purpose.  For example, you’re stacking when you pull your
across the
lawn — you’re keeping the chickens happy with fresh food and
maintaining an open area to play in.

I could write about
stacking and chickens for hours because the possibilities are nearly
endless, but I stumbled across a new one last week.  The photo in
this post shows my
with chickens
grazing amidst them.  Since chickens don’t care for oyster
mushrooms, I can “plant” the logs right in their space, and as the logs
rot, they’ll attract creepie crawlies for the chickens to eat.  I
get tasty eggs and mushrooms, all from the same space.

(Yes, my mushroom logs
are fruiting in the middle of winter.  A tasty January treat!)

Our chicken waterer provides POOP-free water.

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