Seeking chicken coop and tractor photos

Weekend Homesteader: NovemberI recently learned that my Weekend Homesteader
will be
published as a full color paperback in fall 2012!  I’m hoping you
all can help spice up the chicken section with
photos of
your coops and tractors

As an added incentive
your name in print
if I choose to use your photo, I’ll send you a
free 3 pack
DIY kit with drill bit

Then you can make a spare bucket waterer for your broody hen or to make
sure your flock has plenty to drink during that holiday trip.

My book is all about
easy and fun projects that a homesteader wannabe can slip into a
weekend off, so the simpler your coop or tractor design is, the
better.  On the other hand, I’m sure that some of my readers would
love to spread their building wings, so don’t hold back if you’ve build
a chicken Taj Mahal.

Weekend Homesteader: OctoberIf you have time, feel free
to include a brief description of how and why you built your chicken
tractor or coop.  Then email your photos
(one per email please) with the legalese at the end of this post to

Please include this text
in your email to cover my publisher’s butt:

email shall constitute an agreement between you and Anna Hess for
non-exclusive use of your photo and text in the book tentatively titled
Weekend Homesteader.  Skyhorse Publishing will publish this book
in 2012. You agree that you shall receive no compensation for your

I’m looking forward to
seeing some ingenious designs!

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