Refreshing the deep bedding

Chicken pecking at iceMy mother gives me gifts of
bagged autumn leaves, which she captures from the curb in her city on
trash day.  This winter, I’ve set most of them aside for adding,
one at a time, to the chicken coop to keep the
deep bedding
fresh and manure-free on the surface.  When I headed out last week
to put in a new bag, our flock was ready to help.

All I have to do is
empty the leaves into a big pile in the middle of the coop and the
chickens go into a scratching frenzy.  I assume there are a few
seeds and bugs hidden deep
Rooster on a pile of leavesin
the leaf pile, or at least the birds think there’s something in
there.  Soon, the leaves are nicely scattered throughout the whole
coop.  Good job, girls and boy!  I wish all of my farm chores
were that easy.

homemade chicken
makes another messy farm task quick and clean.

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