Pollarding and propagating mulberries

Pollarding a young mulberry tree

Remember how I wrote
about my plans to
the mulberry

I kept putting it off because I was scared, but eventually I talked
myself into lopping the top off the current tree.

Taking hardwood cuttings

If I’d figured out my
pruning plan a year ago, I could have shaped the tree then and not lost
so much growth, but it’s not really a loss.  I ended up with a big
handful of hardwood cuttings to experiment with.

I mailed a third of them
off to a reader who wants to try grafting Illinois everbearing
mulberries onto the weedy, seedling mulberries he has growing in his
yard.  I’m extremely curious to hear how his experiments turn out
since my mom has similar weed mulberries around — I could end up with
lots of mulberries if I grafted
onto her weeds.

Rooting hormone for cuttings

I let the rest of my
cuttings suck up
rooting hormone

overnight, then tossed half into a pot and half directly into a nursery
bed.  Hopefully I’ll learn which propagation method works best and
will soon have lots of everbearing mulberries to play with in my

Our chicken waterer rounds out good pasture with
clean water.

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