Pasture mulch box update

Chickens on pasture

With the
flock back in the pastures
, I was curious to see how my
work.  The idea is that raised walls would allow chickens to
scratch through the mulch at the feet of our fruit trees without
flinging the leaves out into the pasture and baring roots.  So
far, mulch boxes seem to be a success!

Mulch box

Mulch box from aboveI saw our hens scratching
through the mulch a couple of times, but never when my camera was
handy, so you’ll have to settle for shots of chickens and mulch boxes
separately.  But what you can see from these mulch boxes is that
even a solid week of chicken activity only knocked a minor number of
leaves out of the box.

The only question left
is whether chicken scratching will harm feeder roots in the very top of
the soil.  I figured these more-established trees (in the ground
for two or more years) could handle a bit of scratching, but I’ll let
you know if results prove otherwise.

The Avian Aqua Miser is a POOP-free chicken
waterer enjoyed by flocks around the world.

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