Moving the broilers to permanent pastures

Chicks in a tree

Chickens in the forest gardenThis hasn’t been a very good year for
chickens staying in temporary pastures.  Two days after
moved the chicks to the forest garden
, they showed up under the trailer.

Granted, I didn’t do
a very good job fencing them in.  I couldn’t find my other
long roll of the temporary fencing, so I only fenced one side of
their enclosure.  I thought maybe the chicks were still young
enough that going the long way around would be scary, but these
guys are intrepid.

Black chicks on

Luckily, I had a real
pasture all ready for this last round of broilers.  Mark and
I moved
all back
into the same coop, leaving our usual broiler coop and its
associated pastures free. 

The pastures these little guys were moving into hadn’t had rest
periods as long as I would have liked, but I actually was pretty
happy with the results of our overgrazed broiler pastures last
year — they turned into chickweed
One of these days, we’ll have our new coop and pastures completed,
but in the meantime, juggling chickens seems to be working pretty
well for us.

A chicken waterer at the far end of a
pasture helps tempt your flock to graze more evenly rather
than hanging out by the coop.

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