Juice-bottle chick waterer

Chick waterer

Star Taylor emailed me the
photo above, showcasing her ultra-simple, but elegant, chick
waterer.  She explained that it’s made from a drink bottle from
Walmart, with “a tiny hole in the handle so the nipple doesn’t pressure
lock.”  She added:

“I know you’re probably getting thank yous
all the time about the chicken waterers, but I just wanted to add to
it.  THANK YOU for making and selling these!

“I bought your DIY kit
of three
last year for my 10
chickens (at the time) and have been able to upgrade capacity from 2
one gallon containers and a quart brooder container (repurposed juice
bottles suspended by chain) to a single 5 gallon bucket with two of the
nipples in it and a recently upgraded brooder bottle to a 2.2 Liter

“I will be getting more when my
chickies grow up but in the mean time am so glad I could simply find a
bigger bottle and drill a hole in it!  It’s so customizable. 
Also great because I am a lazy person and the higher capacities allows
me to be lazy longer!”

Thanks for sharing,
Star!  It’s folks like you who keep Mark plugging away. 
In fact, he’s got two premade waterer upgrades coming down the pipe as
I type — stay tuned!

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