Insulated chick hover

Insulated pasture hoverRobert
Plamondon puts his broilers out on pasture at two to three weeks old in
March when his section of Oregon has highs in the mid fifties and lows
in the high thirties — a bit chilly weather to leave youngsters
unprotected.  So he developed
insulated pasture
that keep the
chicks warm without electricity.

The hovers consist of a
simple wooden frame coated in aluminized bubble insulation, then
suspended from the ceiling.  The insulation holds in the chicks’
body heat, so they stay warm enough at night just by huddling together

I’ve been researching
ways to
chicks warm without electricity
, and this hover sounds like
it’s right up my alley. I wonder if the addition of a heating mat,
either on the ground or in the hover itself, would be sufficient to
keep chicks warm at an even younger age?

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