How to tell if an egg is fertilized


Fertile eggYou
may remember that
we ate
our rooster this spring when he became problematic
.  The idea was to keep
one of his sons to father the last batch of chicks, which are going in
the incubator in early August.  I knew that a four month old
rooster might or might not be mature enough to fertilize the eggs, but
I figured it was worth the gamble.

Luckily, I don’t have to
throw the eggs in the incubator and wait three weeks before finding out
if our new rooster is all grown up.  As I explain in
Chicken: Incubation Handbook
, you just need to take a
close look at the yolks of your eggs to determine whether they’re
Infertile eggfertilize. 
A solid white blastoderm (like in the last photo in this post) means
the egg wasn’t fertilized, while a ring (like in the second photo in
this post) means the egg can develop into a chick.

The eggs I sampled had
rings, so it sounds like our spring chicken is ready to be a
daddy.  Now, if only his sisters would start to lay — the more
we improve our pastures, the tastier our eggs get and the more we want
to eat.

Our chicken waterer is perfect for chicks from
day 1 since it prevents drowning and disease.

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