How much can you tilt chicken nipples


Degrees ( with Welsh Corgi as witness )

Our chicken nipples are
meant to be installed vertically in the bottom of a container, but
Michael envisioned a PVC pipe waterer that was so slanted it could
water everything from the smallest chick to the biggest turkey. 
He emailed to ask how much of an angle the nipples could handle before
they started leaking.

“I’m not sure,” I
responded.  “But if you find out, please let me know!”

With the help of a handy
iPhone app, Michael was able to put his waterer to the test, tilting it
more and more until the nipples started to drip.  Here’s Michael’s
experiment in his own words:

Tilted chicken waterer

15 Degrees – No Leaking

PVC pipe waterer

18 Degrees – All OK!

Chicken nipple angle

20 Degrees – Still OK!

Chicken nipples leaking23 Degrees …..getting a
little wet, but not dripping

Chicken experiment

27 Degrees and not
dripping ( ! )

Chicken nipple limit

30 Degrees! Not really
dripping but close. End of “Test”.

If you decide to follow
Michael’s lead, be sure to install the nipples vertically in the
container before tilting it so that you get a good seal.  Our
do it yourself
chicken waterer kits

give you lots of other tips to make the best waterer for your backyard

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