Homesteading calendar and ebook

EZ Miser

Jayne with calendarI’m
going to pretend this post is chicken-related by inserting in a pretty
picture of our rooster at the top.  Isn’t he handsome?

Now, on to the
dubiously-relevant parts.  First, we’ve printed up homesteading
calendars for the first time, chock full of beautiful scenes from our
farm.  Both February and April are devoted to chickens, and the
astute observer will note several other chicken-related features
scattered throughout.  You can
read more about the calendar here, or can enter our giveaway for a chance to win a free copy here.Growing into a Farm

Second, I’ve also launched a new ebook
that follows my journey to the farm.  This is a light, fun read,
less technical than many of my other ebooks.  (Whether that’s a pro
or a con is left up to you to decide.)

Thanks for putting up
with a dubiously-relevant post!  I’ll return you to your
regularly-scheduled musings about pastures and nest cams shortly.

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