Happy winter chickens

Orpingtons in the snow

The first entry in our Winter Chicken Contest comes Edith, who wrote in to share how her Buff Orpingtons are faring in this cold weather:

Winter poultry“It
was -5 this morning in Central Kansas with wind chills at around -30.
Kansas weather is like a roller coaster so it won’t stay this cold for
long…upper 30’s next week.

“My Chickens were tucked away in their cozy coop until emerging at around 8:00AM when my Husband did the chores.

“When they heard me a little later coming with their treats the racket
starts and they get very excited. They know when I’m coming with the red
coffee can. Some even looked into the can once I poured it out to see
if there was any more…see photo. They are supplemented with kitchen
scraps. This morning it was green peas, potato skins, oatmeal with some
molasses, apples, and whatever else was in there.”


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