Good egg-layers

Dominique roosterIf
pasture experiment
works out well this year, we may try to
convert our egg-laying flock to a more sustainable breed next
year.  I’m very much in the research stages at the moment, and
would love your feedback.  I’m looking for a variety that breeds
true (so Golden Comets are out), forages well, and
lays plenty of eggs
(although I don’t require the massive number that we get from our

Since foraging is at the
top of my list, I wandered around the internet
to see which breeds were popular during the
Great Depression.  Dominiques seemed to roll off everyone’s
along with Rhode Island Reds.  Other interesting egg-layers
include Hamburgs, Egyptian Fayounis, and Buckeyes.  Have you
raised chickens that you think would fit the bill?  Please leave a
comment and let me know!  Meanwhile, check out our
automatic chicken waterers, perfect in all types of
coops and tractors.

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