gallon heated chicken waterer

Large chicken waterer

Mounting a tank chicken waterer

I obtained an old steel
truck rim that would fit the container I bought at Atwoods in Tulsa,
OK…which holds about 40 gallons.

I cut the outside of the
rim (approximately 1 inch wide), drilled holes in the steel circle in
which I bolted three triangulated legs.

I also installed steel
wire in the feet of the pipe legs to keep the legs from squatting under
the weight of 40 gallons of water.

The legs are adjustable
with the nuts that can be seen located between the two pieces of pipe
that are the legs.

I installed four of your
automatic waters in the bottom (sealed with
silicone sealant) of the
Chicken nipples in a homemade chicken watererplastic barrel. I set the
barrel in the ring, filled with water, then installed a stock tank
de-icer (which keeps the water at approximately 62 degrees). During the
recent below zero weather we experienced in the Tulsa area, none of the
nipples froze (with the de-icer operating inside the barrel). My 24
hens adapted within 4 hours and now have clean water 24/7.

We recommend our 3 pack
DIY kit
for making a
heated waterer for up to 50 chickens.  The CD that comes with each
kit includes complete instructions to help you build our favorite
heated options without any trial and error.

The heated waterer
we use in our own coop requires two buckets,
three foot length of pipe heating cable
($23), and the contents of
our kit.  With a layer of
, the
waterer is good down into the teens.

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