Everything you wanted to know about BSF s

black soldier fly facts

you’ve been meaning to learn more about Black
Soldier Flies
as a
possible feed supplement for your chicken flock, then you should
consider checking out an
interview Frank Aragona produced

earlier this year.

It’s free to download like
all his past shows, and he really goes into some
depth with black soldier fly expert Jerry from

We’ve already made plans for
a homemade bio pod container to be installed in the new pasture
coop later this spring.

Black Soldier Flies are
noteworthy for being easy to propagate. The
long term goal with this project is to provide enough supplemental
sources of food for our egg production hens, which means we could stop
paying over 11 dollars a bag for laying pellets.

Photo credit goes to microponics.net, a great place to go for more
information on BSF’s.

for another way to simplify your chicken-keeping life?  Check out
our homemade
chicken waterer

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