Foraging patterns of six week old chicks

Chicks and oilseed radish

Four to seven weeks is
my favorite chick age.  They’re just barely starting to get into
trouble — hopping up on the porch, scratching mulch — but mostly
are simply growing like crazy and rustling up lots of their own grub.

Chickens in the garden

Each morning, the flock
has to make a hard decision — which delicious morsel to eat first!

Chicken and asparagus

Oilseed radishes and
asparagus berries are favorites right now.

Chicks in raspberries

After breakfast, it’s
time for a short siesta.  The
makes a safe
haven for napping.

Chicks on the porch

Then they’re back to

Chicks in mulch

The straw I used for
this kill mulch clearly had more seeds in it than it should have. 
“No problem,” said my chicks.  “We’re on it!”

Evening chickens

They forage until dusk,
then put themselves to bed. 

Chicks going to bed

All I have to do is
close the door.

(If you were looking for
a little more substance, you might want to read
post about the advantages of free range chickens
, and this
one about the flip side of the coin
.  For more fun chick
photos, check out
this post
from a month ago

Our chicken waterer keeps our
flock healthy with lots of clean water.

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