Flock block review

Flock block

Mark bought a flock block on a whim the last time he
was at the feed store.  The flock block seems to be a new way of
feeding pastured poultry — the food is all glued together with
molasses, so the chickens peck off a bit at a time as they need it.

The chickens adored
their treat, and their normal feed consumption went way down. 
However, I’m not all that impressed by the product.  First of all,
it costs twice as much per pound as traditional feed, and has only 8%
protein.  (I’ve still got the cockerels on 20% protein, although
many people would have switched them to 13% by now.)  I don’t know
if it’s a coincidence, but our cockerels stopped their relentless
growing while nibbling on the flock block and have held a pretty steady
size for the last couple of weeks.

I think that the flock
block’s real purpose is to prevent boredom and the resulting feather
pecking.  You all know where I stand on that — our
automatic chicken waterer is the best solution I’ve
seen for giving chickens something to do.

Has anyone else tried
the flock block?  What did you think?

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