First entries to our photo contest

Homemade chicken coop with automatic waterer and ramp

Automatic chicken watererWe
love seeing photos of our
homemade chicken
in action,
so I was thrilled when I got an email from Stephen Brown.  He

submitting several photos of my coop for the Fall contest.  My
waterer is attached to a gallon water bottle at the side of the
run.  A sliding metal door allows easy refill and removal for

His email is a timely
reminder that our 2010 chicken waterer contest will indeed be coming up
in just a few months.  Now’s a great time to get out your cameras
and send in submissions while you’re thinking about it.  The rules
will be similar to those from our
2009 chicken photo contest — I’ll post some real
rules in a few weeks.  Meanwhile, if you haven’t already,
out the winners from last year
and get those creative
juices flowing!

Homemade chicken coop from the outside

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