Fencing tips from Gene Logsdon

Chickens and fencesI’ve been dipping into All
Flesh is Grass
Gene Logsdon, and his fencing chapter was right up my alley.

For a farm less than
five acres in size, he recommends building your fences entirely from
cattle or hog panels since they’re very long-lasting, easy to install,
and work well on uneven terrain.  In retrospect, I wish we’d spent
the extra money to install panels since they would have allowed us to
put any animals we want in our pastures, not just chickens.

The other tip that hit
home was about fencing rolling pastures.  Can you see the chicken
running down the hill along the fenceline in this photo? 
Fencelines inevitably become pathways, so if you don’t want to cause
erosion, make sure fences follow contour lines and don’t run straight
up and down the hill.  (Oops.)  If you have to install small
sections of steep fenceline, it’s best to think of these as
erosion-prone areas and nip the problem in the bud, perhaps with some
brush or a thick layer of mulch.

Our chicken waterer keeps mess in the coop to a
minimum by providing clean water that never spills.

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