Drill bit and expanded instructions

Drill bitOver the last year and a half, our customers
have given us a lot of feedback.  Several folks used the wrong
size drill bit to make their homemade chicken waterers since the right
size is difficult to find at many hardware stores.  Unfortunately,
if you use the wrong drill bit, your waterer leaks, which defeats the
whole purpose.  Mark finally found a supplier where we can buy
drill bits in bulk, so now you can add on the proper drill bit for just
$5 when you buy your kit, saving yourself a lot of running
around.  For customers with a very well-stocked toolkit, we’ve
kept the lower priced option on the shelves.

18 months of customer feedback summarized in expanded instructions

Although no one
complained about our instructions, I wanted them to be even easier to
use, so I revamped those too.  Once I added in a lot of the
inspiring photos you’ve been sending us of your own homemade waterers,
the resulting file was 23 pages long!  I figured a lot of people
would enjoy the extra information, but others would find it
daunting.  To keep everyone happy, I also summarized all of the
most important construction information into a one page, quick
instruction sheet that we include with our
homemade chicken

I hope our new customers
enjoy the extra information and even simpler construction!

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