Dried sweet corn as a chicken toy

Chicken eating dried sweet cornWe still have one hen in a tractor, destined
for the pot once we get a pause in our busy autumn schedule.  As a
sop to my conscience, which doesn’t feel bad about eating her but does
feel bad about putting her in solitary confinement beforehand, I like
to give our loner treats.  Her current favorite is
sweet corn
, hung by
its dried husk through the top of the chicken tractor without securing
it in any way.

Our loner hen picks a
kernel at a time off the cob and it takes her quite a while to make it
through the ear of corn.  I suspect that urban chicken-keepers
could use a combination of dried sweet corn and
to keep their
chickens occupied, a bit like inside dogs are often left with those
peanut butter-filled chew toys when their masters have to be gone all
day.  Add in our
homemade chicken
and you have
a recipe for active, healthy chickens rather than a picked and pecked
on flock.

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