Chicks in the trees

Chickens in a peach tree

Forest pastureSurrounded as they were by a
vast field of rye, our second batch  of chicks still managed to
get into trouble by the time they reached five weeks old.  Despite
the fact that we’ve raised several other sets of chicks in this
same spot
over the last two years with all of them staying
earth-bound, our current flock thought it would be a good idea to fly
up into a young peach tree and run along the limbs.

To be honest, the
youngsters probably weren’t causing much trouble there (and might have
even been eating pest insects), but they were also ranging further
afield, and our strawberries are in the next zone over.  No way do
I want chickens eating up those berries we slave and dream over all

Working in the rye

So we loaded them up…

Brooder on wheels

…and rolled them out.

Chicks exploring new ground

Our miniature flock is
now fenced into
pasture 1
, which
hasn’t yet been grazed this year and is a chickweed
.  I suspect the chicks will run through the
delicacies in about a week, at which point, we’ll have to put on our
thinking caps again.  For now, we’re leaving the brooder on the
yellow wagon for easy movement.

A chicken waterer close to home and one
further afield tempts our youngsters to explore their whole pasture

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