Chickens are the dumbest animals in the world…

Homemade chicken waterer using a hoseDrew
emailed me to let me know that he’d put some photos of his version of
homemade chicken
up on his
.  I
like his elegant use of aquarium-type tubing, and his description of
why he wanted to switch over to the Avian Aqua Miser:


bees, chickens are the dumbest animals in the world. I would put them a
step under goldfish. Give them a bowl of water and they will take a
drink out of it, then stand on the edge of it until it tips over, and
then terd into it. It has been a constant battle between the chickens
and I to keep them with fresh unfecaled water. I have been searching
for some time for some sort of solution that would solve the problem
once and for all, and I found it.
The Chicken
got a piece of tubing from lowes and a few fittings and made a five
gallon waterer that they will never knock over. So that solves my
issues with them for now…


Thanks for sharing,
Drew!  I also loved the description of your farm, which sounds a
lot like ours.

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