Chicken nipples in pressurized water systems

Automatic dog bowlSome of our customers have
written in to ask if there is an easy way to convert our chicken
nipples to work on pressurized water systems.  One option is to
install a pressure reducer in a hose, or you can use a
to keep a
bucket reservoir constantly full (a method that is covered in more
depth in the CD that comes with our
do it yourself kits.)

Or, as Byron wrote in:

cheap method is to buy an automatic dog water bowl that connects to the
garden hose, mount it high, and do the same thing.  Trouble with
this is the bowl is open to atmosphere and requires cleaning, and the
valves aren’t as robust as toilet valves.

I can definitely
envision turning one of these plastic dog bowls (
on Amazon
) into a
chicken waterer.  I’d probably add some kind of lid to keep the
bowl clean, though.

Our chicken waterer never spills or fills with

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