Chicken coop construction mistakes

mistakes to avoid when building a chicken coop

When I built our first
chicken coop we were short on both time and money.

Someday I’d like to build a
bigger and better coop incorporating some of the lessons we’ve learned
over the years since we first started raising chickens.

1. Make the door big enough
for a wheelbarrow.

We took a couple doors off an
old camper and regret not being able to have the extra elbow room. A
regular or oversized door would make coop cleaning a whole lot easier.

2. Use increments of 8 to
choose how big you want to go.

In my opinion the length or
width should not be shorter than 8 feet. Keep in mind a sheet of
plywood is 8×4.

3. Make it a tight fit.

You might get lucky the first
year or two, but eventually a local predator will come sniffing around.
I noticed we’ve got a problem with little birds swooping in to feast on
laying pellets.

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