Chicken characters

still got a bunch of great photos to share with you from our
chicken waterer photo contest
.  The pictures in this
post are birds who struck me as true characters.  For example,
Linda Vanderhoef emailed me the photo on the left with a quick note:
“This is Peanut.  She almost died but is doing fine.”

Aussie chooks

Meanwhile, David Tough
sent me a photo of his “Aussie chooks.”  He wrote, “Herewith my
first offering – our Maurice with one
his ISA Brown harem.”

Richard Brackett sent in
the photo on the left showing his darling Chickadee.

But the most personable
chicken we saw, without contest, was Dave Creighton’s rooster, Mr.
Spitz.  Dave explained that his silkie rooster regularly exercises
by swimming in the family pool.  “I put him in one day with my
stepdaughter and he tried to flap his way out.  He has been in
several time after that and does a small amount of paddling around and
I take him out.  The pool is high and he can’t be loose because of
our Husky pup, so I have become the
Chicken swimming in the poollifeguard. We live in
northern Vermont and soon Mr. Spitz will be cooped up for the winter
unless he can learn to skate……”

I did my best to
discover whether Mr. Spitz enjoys these workouts, but it was really
hard to tell.  David replied to my question with another
anecdote:  “He went for what might be his last swim of the year
today….  He flaps some and then settles in for the rest of the
time.  He just floats and looks around, paddles some and when he
comes to me I take him out.”

The take-home
message?  Clearly, our customers love their chickens.  We’re
glad to be able to provide
homemade chicken
that are
good enough even for Peanut.

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