Chicken bucket waterers stay cool

Chickens drinking from a bucket waterer

Mounting a chicken bucket watererIn
the past, I’ve used
pre-made Avian
Aqua Misers
for all
of our chickens.  The small size is very handy in our equally
small tractors, adding so little weight that they don’t impact my
ability to pull the tractors to a new patch of ground.

But with 17 cockerels
left, plus our growing chick and its Mama hen, watering the
forest pasture was becoming a chore. 
When we decided to go out of town for a long weekend, I begged Mark to
make me a
bucket waterer to hydrate the flock.

I was surprised to
discover that our chickens adored their new bucket waterer and started
ignoring the smaller waterers.  My best guess is that the large
mass of water in the five gallon bucket stays much cooler, which is
quite a treat given recent hot temperatures.  The experience has
solidified my belief that bucket waterers are the way to go in large
coop and run situations where weight isn’t an issue.

Make your own bucket waterer
using a
homemade chicken

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