Chicken books on sale

Chicken booksWant
some free and cheap reading for the Thanksgiving vacation? I figured
this turkey-friendly holiday is a perfect time for books on chickens, so
I’ve set The Working Chicken free on Amazon
Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.
Find out why hard-nosed homesteaders don’t name their chickens and much
more in this photo-rich introduction to backyard chicken care. (And, for
those of you who are more experienced or less hard-nosed, you’ll likely
still enjoy the children’s book at the end, just right for inspiring
the next generation of chicken keepers.)

If that introduction whets your appetite, my more in-depth series, Permaculture Chicken,
includes three books bound to make your chicken-keeping adventure run
more smoothly. And each ebook is marked down to 99 cents this week —
buy them all and save 74%! Here are the links:
Permaculture Chicken: Incubation Handbook, Pasture Basics, and Thrifty Chicken Breeds.

I hope you find at
least a few tidbits in these four books to make your own chicken-keeping
experience more fun for you and for your birds. If so, why not make my
day and leave a review? Thank you in advance for considering my books!

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