Chick update week

Insulated chick brooderAt
three and a half weeks old, our
chicks are
mostly feathered and I’m considering turning off their brood
light.  Mark’s
brooder box
worked perfectly for the last week, allowing us to downgrade to a lower
wattage light while the chicks stay just as warm, and I’m wishing we’d
created an insulated section like this from the start.  It gives
our chicks a lot more freedom to choose their favorite
temperature.  They can loll in the encapsulated heat, or walk just
a few inches away and cool down while scratching and leaping.

Speaking of leaping,
these chicks are even spunkier in week three than they were in
!  The coop
that originally seemed so huge is now a small playground for our 25
cockerels.  They’ve taken to leaping up on their brooder box,
scampering across the cinderblocks protecting them from digging
intruders, and even perching on their
chicken waterer.  Yikes!  Mark
made them a perch to give them a bit more play space and is hard at
work fencing in their first pasture area.

Dark Cornish chicks at three weeks

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