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Turning a bucket chicken waterer into a feeder

Galvanized bucket chicken waterer

I dropped by my mother-in-law’s coop the other day and took a look inside. “What an interesting feeder,” I said. “Where did that come from?”

She explained that the feeder had actually started life as a waterer. But the lip broke off, which meant the gravity-feed contraption no longer worked as intended. So now she fills the bucket with pellets as a low-tech gravity feeder. A great example of Appalachian ingenuity!

A very cool chicken feeder

ultra nice chicken feeder glow in the dark style
Weekend sent us this picture of their new awesome chicken feeder.

I love the functionality and beauty this design has to offer.

A little bar sticks out for the chickens to peck on to release small amounts of feed to a tray that is just high enough to keep them from getting in it. The reduced mess will equal less rodents and a nice cost reduction.

They made a really nice chicken feeder video that is short and to the point.