Avian Aqua Misers prevent chicken pecking

Rhode Island Red in front of a homemade chicken watererWe’ve
been getting a lot of great photos and feedback from past customers
about our
automatic chicken waterers.  The photos shown here
are by Octavius Baker, who says:

Anna, here are my waterers in
action.  I LOVE THEM, thank you!!!  I’ve
made some upgrades in the last week and will send those to you as
Thanks again.

I’m looking forward to
seeing more photos, Octavius!  Meanwhile, Titus wrote in to say:

I am noticing that all the pecking that
the pullets get in with our older birds…after we switched over [to
the Avian Aqua Miser] – we don’t have as much pecking on the weaker
birds.  Our birds have never had such gorgeous plumage!  Add
that to your list of perks!

Chickens using a homemade waterer

We’d noticed the same
thing, Titus!  In fact, we now include the Avian Aqua Miser in our
list of tips to prevent chicken pecking

We also got a sweet note from Sara in Oakland who said:

Nice to hear from you.  Your message
gives me the excuse to write and tell you how much our 2 chooks are
enjoying their waterer.  They took to it right away, and it makes
things much easier for us as well.

Thank you all for the
kind words and great photos!  They brighten a cold winter day.

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