Automatic bucket waterer easy mounting method

5 gallon bucket chicken waterer mounted to a tree

We’ve been building multiple,
fenced in chicken pastures this past year, and each one needed its own
5 gallon automatic chicken waterer.

The latest mounting method is
a simple 1×6 piece of treated appearance board attached to the side of
a tree. A small bungee cord will hold the waterer in place if you install self
tapping metal eyes for the hooks to grab onto.

Most of the time you’ll need
a couple of shelf brackets to support the board. I got lucky in the photographed location and found
a tree that had a smaller tree sprouting from its trunk. Two minutes
with a chainsaw was all it took to create the natural shelf. I realize
the tree had to make a sacrifice, but I figure the added fertilizer the
chickens will bring to the ground above its roots will more than make
up for the loss.

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