Artistic chicken photos

Rooster waterer

Chicken bucket watererThe response to our photo
overwhelming, and we wished we could have given out yet more
prizes.  This week, I’m going to showcase the winners, along with
several runners-up whose entries were too good not to share.

Carolyn Neuharth won
first prize in the artistic chickens category —
wrote about her operation (and posted her photos) previously
.  Second place went to
Susan Palmer for the closeup at the top of the page, showing her
rooster drinking from a simple DIY waterer.

If we had a few more
prizes to award in this category, the next one would have gone to Vance
Foster, who snapped the elegant shot to the right of his happy chickens.

Homemade chicken waterer

And Tara Sparlin
probably would have won a prize for the photo above if it hadn’t come
in a day late (but definitely not a dollar short!)  That’s one
healthy-looking chicken.

Chickens in love

I also really enjoyed
this entry of Tara’s — those chickens look quite fond of each other.

Next year, we may have
to expand the prize selection yet again.  Meanwhile, stay tuned to
see the winning photos in the other two categories, which are equally

All of the waterers on this
page were made using our
DIY chicken waterer

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