All Flesh is Grass

All Flesh is GrassI read one last book on
pasturing to finish up the year’s
chicken book
delving into the “lab” portion of my self-made chicken pasturing
All Flesh
is Grass
taught me
more than I thought it would due to its handy focus on smaller acreages.

In addition to his fencing
, Gene Logsdon
provides plenty of ideas for plant guilds that provide year-round

  • Spring
    and fall pasture
    is the easy part, with bluegrass and white clover
    as his main recommendations.
  • Summer
    favorites include perennial legumes, but Logsdon presents
    some less common alternatives as well.
  • Winter
    is trickier, with possibilities ranging from stockpiled
    grass and fescue that grows even in the cold weather to annual
    plantings of roots like turnips.

Like all of the other
pasture books I’ve read,
All Flesh
is Grass
really cater to a chicken audience, but pastured poultry afficianados
will probably find at least a few tips to streamline their operation.

Our chicken waterer keeps pastured flocks
healthy with fresh, clean water.

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