Protecting chickens from predators

Calico cochin

From the number of
comments I get on my
killed my chicken?” post
, I suspect many of you are in Carolyn‘s boat.  She wrote:

“I wish I knew how desirable they were to
predators! I lost my whole flock (about 12) of broiler chickens
(who were just about ready to be butchered) years ago to a
raccoon. I found him in the granary (where I kept my chickens),
with all of their heads ripped off. It was the only time I have
ever hollered ‘Honey, get your gun!’

“This year I lost a couple precious calico cochins to the
neighbors’ dogs.  They were just playing, but dog play isn’t
good for the chickens.”

Have you got the
predator problem licked?  I’m sure Carolyn would love to hear
your solutions!

Our chicken waterer keeps your flock
hydrated with clean water even if they’re cooped up to be safe
from predators.

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