Pastured Poultry Profits

Pastured Poultry ProfitsI’ve been putting off reading
Joel Salatin’s
Poultry Profits

because I have no interest in running a commercial chicken
operation.  (To be honest, I’ve also been annoyed by the tone of
some of Salatin’s other books, even though I nearly always agree with
the contents.)

But I shouldn’t have
Poultry Profits

is easy to read and full of handy information
for anyone trying to make their chickens healthier on pasture.  Of
course, if you want to tractor broilers to sell to your neighbors, the
book is a must-read, since it walks you through the whole process from
start to finish, leaving very little room for mistakes.  But even
if you just have a small laying flock in your backyard, you’re likely
to learn something from what I’m pretty sure was Salatin’s first book.

Perhaps the most
powerful part of the bookw as the newsletters Salatin included from the
early years of his pastured poultry operation.  It was fun to
watch his business grow, to see where he drew the line, and how
appreciative his customers were of the quality meat.

Mostly, though, I
enjoyed the book because it was full of numbers and specifics. 
I’ll regale you with some highlights in later posts.  Stay tuned!

Our chicken waterer is perfect in tractors since
it never spills in uneven terrain.

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