Little Giant Still Air Incubator review

Little Giant Still Air IncubatorWhen
we first started thinking about hatching our own chickens a few years
ago, we bought a Little Giant Still Air Incubator with the egg turner
attachment at the local feed store.  The incubator was a bit of an
impluse purchase, so I wasn’t surprised that I came to regret it.

The trouble with these
cheap incubators is that they don’t have an internal thermostat, so
they are only effective if you keep them in a room with a very constant
temperature.  We don’t believe in major climate control, so even
the heated rooms in our house vary in temperature by at least twenty
degrees on an average day.  Our attempt at hatching eggs with the
incubator resulted in 100% failure.

That’s not to say that
the Little Giant Still Air Incubator is a complete dud.  Reports
on the internet suggest that if you have central heating and don’t mind
fiddling with the temperature dial a few times a day, you can use the
cheap incubator with good results.  Right now, we’re experimenting
with a
instead, but may
pony up the cash for a more utilitarian incubator in the future.

Prepare for your chicks with
homemade chicken
that keeps
the brood box dry and disease-free.

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