Homemade chicken tractor part I

Mark’s most recent
chicken tractor is his best one yet, and he also
obsessively documented the construction process to make it easy for you
to repeat it.  This is
chicken tractor that cost $20 to build

Chicken tractor constructionThis
animation shows day 1 of the construction process.  Notice that he
starts by making a rectangle out of logs (red cedar this time) just
like he did with his
chicken tractor

This time, he added an additional support beam within the rectangle to
give the tractor more stability.  He notched the logs with the
and also used brackets for attachment.

He wrote:

I feel it’s important to build the nest
box first once you have the
frame together. Place it at least a foot above the ground with a big
enough hatch for easy egg access.

I’ve found that the more comfortable and closed in your nest box is,
less your hens are likely to lay an egg on the ground.

Stay tuned for the next
installment of the construction process.  Meanwhile, check out our
homemade chicken

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