Forest pasture moonscape

Chickens runningPeople
seem to have such an easy time turning their chicken run into a
moonscape, but it’s been a struggle around here.  We started our
chickens out on an
square foot pasture full of weeds
, planning to have the birds
denude the ground so that I could plant some grains while moving the
flock to another paddock.  Over a month later, the pasture was
still quite green, so we chopped off two-thirds of the area and let the
chickens continue to graze on the small portion remaining.

Three more weeks passed,
in which our cockerels did a little work on the pasture, but mostly
entertained themselves eating up the wheelbarrow loads of garden weeds
I tossed into their enclosure nearly daily.  So Mark and I took
some time to root out the perennials
White Cochin hen with Rhode Island Red chick on pasturewith
a shovel — goldenrod, deertongue (a native grass), young trees, and
poison ivy all bit the dust.  Finally, the ground is beginning to
look bare.

I want the chickens to
continue to eat up any new sprouts for another week or so, then we’ll
rotate them into the other two-thirds of their original pasture. 
hen and her chick

have been having so much fun in there that they barely eat any
storebought feed.

homemade chicken
keeps drinking water clean.

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