Drainage around a chicken coop

Homey chicken coopHelen wrote in to share her lessons in coop
locating and building:

“The one thing I learned after
starting with chickens is to make sure there is drainage into
their run.  My run was at the bottom of a slope where
I throw tons of snow from my
driveway.  Well, spring run off and heavy rains gave me
lots of mud and stink. 

“I just finished building a new
chicken coop, 24 square feet and only spend about $175 getting
most of the materials from friends or the dump.  The green
wood is from an old out house.  Notice the

moon on the door!”

Don’t forget that
tomorrow’s the last day to enter our
contest to win a free EZ Miser!  I’m looking
forward to hearing what lessons you’ve learned since beginning
with chickens.

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