Chickens eating comfrey

Chicken eating comfreyI’m thrilled to tell you that
I was
I’ve tried all the methods folks recommend using to
comfrey to chickens
and our flock has always turned up their spoiled little
beaks.  In the end, I decided that the experts were simply
repeating conventional wisdom without trying it themselves and that
chickens don’t really like comfrey, fresh or dried.

However, I changed my
tune when our current batch of month-old Australorp chicks
discovered a comfrey plant in the
garden island
picked it to
pieces.  My guess is that one chicken thought the plant was tasty
and all of his or her siblings had to see what the fuss was
about.  Now, if I could only figure out why they’re ignoring the
five comfrey plants in their pasture….

Chickens in forest garden

As a side note, I’m
absolutely thrilled by the hard work our chicks are doing in the whole
garden island.  I can tell my little ecosystem is much
healthier as a result of these busy chicken feet.

Chick pecking through leavesThe chicks
are mostly ignoring the Egyptian onions, daffodils, and crocuses in
favor of
scratching through the leaves, which has the side effect of
orchard pests

Even though the chicks don’t eat most of the plants present, the tall
onions, especially, seem to make them feel safer and more inclined to
forage a distance from the coop.

I’m ready to proclaim
this chickens + forest garden experiment a success, to be repeated
every spring.  I only wish I had enough chicken power on the
ground to have hit all of the fruit trees during this critical period!

Our chicken waterer is perfect for day old
chicks, pullets, layers, and ancient hens.

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