Chicken waterer drip tray

Chicken waterer drip trayAlthough our chicken waterer is designed to keep the
floor of the coop dry, I’ve noticed that a few chickens consider the
nipples toys.  They peck just to have fun (or maybe to cool off by
dribbling the water down their necks?), so the floor of the coop ends
up a bit damp after all.

Arnold had some messy
drinkers, but he wasn’t content to let the coop get wet.  He

think I came up with a solution to my problem. I cut a piece of 3” PVC
in half the long way to make a ‘catch’ trough. When the chickens drink,
the excess water is collected in the trough which they drink. It has
been a week and the pen is DRY at the water .

I hope Arnold’s great
idea helps those of you with similarly messy drinkers!

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