Barred Plymouth Rock

Barred Plymouth RocksBarred
Plymouth Rocks are another popular breed, although I’ve been less
thrilled with them than I thought I’d be.  These birds are billed
as dual-purpose egg and meat birds, but I’ve found that our two year
old birds lay only as well as our four year old
Golden Comets in the
winter (which is to say, not much.)  They also seem to be pretty
shoddy in the foraging department, spending sunny afternoons drowsing
on their perches while the Golden Comets are busy scratching in the
dirt.  (Can you tell that I really value productivity?)

On the other hand, we
might be more pleased with this variety if we
used them the way they were intended.  Until World War II, Barred
Plymouth Rocks were probably the most popular birds in the entire
United States and they were usually kept in mixed farmyard
flocks.  Each year, farmers would let the hens set and produce
chicks, then eat the males as they reached full size.  If that
sounds like your chicken flock, Barred Plymouth Rocks might be worth a

Please leave a comment
if you disagree and think your Barred Plymouth Rocks are the cat’s
meow.  (Many people on the internet do seem to think so.) 
Meanwhile, check out our
homemade chicken
, providing
clean water to the whole flock.

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