Winter chicken tractor care

Golden comet hens in a chicken tractorHere in zone 6, we’re able to
leave our chickens out in their tractors all year.  We have a
water- and wind-proof section where they can roost at night (or during
drippy days), and we never see any sign of our chickens being too
cold.  In fact, tractor life seems to suit them — their yolks
are still as orange as summer eggs even though it’s the middle of

We do make a couple of
changes to prepare our chickens for winter, though.  As the days
get chilly, we flip our tractors 180 degrees around so that the sun can
shine directly in.  (During the summer, we put the solid side to
the sun so that our birds have some shade.)  We are also more
careful to move the tractors every day, since cold, wet soil can
quickly be churned into a morass of mud.

And, of course, we have
to be a bit more vigilant
prevent our chickens’ waterers from freezing
.  Still, care of our
nine hens probably takes no more than ten minutes a day, thanks to our
automatic chicken waterers and Mark’s handy
tractor-building skills.  I always recommend that folks make the
switch from coop to tractor as soon as possible!

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